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    April 23, 2013
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>> was your department aware of his travels to russia, and if you weren't, the reason. >> yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned, all investigations had been -- the matter had been closed. >> he pinged. but did the feds take a pass? how much did the government really know about these two guys and what did they miss? >> welcome, i'm neil cavuto. today conflicting account office what the fbi knew and when it knew it, about the two suspected boston bombers, particularly
suspect number one, tamerlan tsarnaev, who was killed in the shootout with police. reports that tamerlan purchased two lock and load mortar kits from a fireworks store in new hampshire in february. his wife, speaking through her attorney, claims the attacks were a shock to her. said she is doing all she can to assist federal authorities. u.s. officials telling fox they believe the two brothers eighted alone, motivate by radical islam and learning bomb teak instincts from a jihaddist magazine call inspire. officials say -- there was no direct link made. now to catherine in washington. >> secretary napolitano's public statements apparently contradict a high-level briefing given by an assistant fbi director to another member of the senate
judiciary committee who laid out the intone sis this morning. >> the fbi told me they had no knowledge of them leaving or coming back. his name is misspelled i'd like to talk to you more before the the case, and when we say there is no broader plot here, i tone know how -- i don't know how we know that. >> the democratic share of the senate intelligence commitee is holing a briefing to address the fbi's handling of the 26-year-old and whether a decision momentumland security, known as dhs to block this u.s. citizenship may be connected. i. >> when he came back to this country, why didn't it ring a bell? with the fbi intelligence unit. that he should be checked out. and vetted again. dhs clearly denied him to be naturalized as a citizen for some reason. >> u.s. officials say they're
working serious among investigators can the bombers got their skills from the al qaeda online magazine called "inspire" but a member of the task force says the quantity and the efficacy of the three pressure cooker bombs suggested they had hands are on training, not something you can pick up online. >> neil: be want to go quickly to boston major men -- mayor menino, setting up a fun, money set aside for victims who war part of this attack a week ago. we're told anywhere from 10 to $20 million has been collected. let's listen in. >> so many, the love and caring
of so many has really shown howbe beloved our great city is to people all of the world. as president obama spoke last week, what makes bon such a special, unique place, he spoke of the love we all share for each other. he said, for him, the toughest mile is when someone is there to pick us up as we fail, as we fall. last week, many people in our city fell. but so many rushed forward to help pick them up. spoke of boston's special place in everybody's heart. people all over the world share the special boston feeling and it shows. a tragic event occurred, the calls and tweets of support were
overwhelming. >> that's an understatement. we're hearing close $20 million has been raised by individuals and corporations. td ameritrade, a host of others put up money. also note within minutes of when the attacks were announced, ken fineberg will be overseeing disbursement of the fund because this kitty could grow substantially. if we get anymore details on how much help and how much money we're ultimately talking about, of course we'll take you right back to boston. meanwhile, breaking news. those in the compound' -- jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. >> fox news has obtained a copy of essentially what five different house committees have prepared in terms of background on he benghazi attacks. this is a republican memo that talks about progress report on
benghazi. the conclusions of this report that we have literally just obtained is that reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in benghazi on september 11, 2012, were approved at the highest levels of the state department. up to and including secretary of state clinton in the days following the attack, the state officials altered drafting points drafted by the intelligence community in order to protect the state department from criticism for inadequate security levels. this is in a report released. when the talking points were challenged, the administration claims the talking points were changed to protect classified information and an ongoing fbi investigation. this is a 46-page report. we'll have more details coming up. again we just received what is a substantive report on the unanswered questions, having to do with those attacks on the
consulate in benghazi, neil ex- >> neil: i know you're just sort of grasping this, but involves the work of five house committees, even though the house is in republican hands, would each of those commitees a bipartisan investigation or just a republican review of what happened there? >> right now this is a progress report that has been prepared by the g.o.p. but in the beginning, you'll remember when the oversight committee was looking into this, this was a bipartisan group that was looking at the benghazi situation. these reports, though, were prepared by the republicans who were on those committees,. >> neil: all right. generalster, thank you very, very much. eric is joining us on thistle ket date in question, september 11, 2012, was also the day so-called suspect number two, jar hard
tsarnaev, became a united states citizen. no more connection than that put all of these things get odder and odder. anyway, eric, what do you make of these developments? first of all, what's going on in boston, taking about raising money to protect and help out the victims of the attack. now we're hearing authorities who are saying it was limited to those two brothers behind that attack. what do you make of that? >> well, neil, very interesting leadin here, because we have benghazi, where there are still so many unanswered questions and it's kind of similar to boston in that the obama administration just apparently wants it to go away. benghazi, they want it to go away. let's nail it down, it's over. nothing -- move along, folks, nothing to see here. now, with boston no broader plot? how do we know. it's been eight days. we haven't even questioned the wife of the older brother, tsarnaev. his family members -- the
younger brother in custody, he has the throat wound help cant speak. he is writing things down. there are so many unanswered questions, and the key thing here, neil, the older brother was in russia. al qaeda groups. was he meeting with islamic terrorists? i don't see how you can say there's no broader plot. i pray there wasn't but we don't know yet in and for the administration to say this is open and shut, just these two guys, let's move along, to me it fits a pattern we saw in benghazi and continues today. nell neil we -- >> neil: we know the fbi was alerted to tamerlan and his trips. gone through everything, his associations, everything about
the guy, and they gave him the clean bill of health. they couldn't we d anything. we do know enough that about. we also know there might have been other requests for information on the younger brother. but there was enough outside interest expressed abroad to at least look at one of these suspects here that -- it does stretch credulity to wonder if it was left to just these guys? >> by the way, let's not forget, there were additional arrests in connection with this case over the weekend in the boston area. there will five additional arrests connected to this boston bombing and possibly to these bombers. so, come on. but i think, lock, the overseas trip is the key and it's interesting, janet napolitano can the department of homeland security chief, neil, says there was a ping when the older brother went to russia. okay. was there a ping when he returned? apparently not. because apparently, after he was
there for six months, no one in our intelligence agencies met with this guy to see what he was up to, and look, neil, don't want to bash the fbi. they have done a great job since 9/11. broken up so many plots here on u.s. soil. taken in a lot of islamic terrorists, wannabe islamic terrorists but this is tough. those not have happened, this boston bombing. what they asking him two years ago when the fbi interviewed this older brother in 2011? how was he cleared. holiday was the ft. hood shoot north followed -- shooter not followed up on. there's a pattern of major mistakes leading to people getting killed. >> neil: thank you very much. ken fineberg is speaking and will be the man that disburses the one fun that has millions set aside on the part of businesses, bostonnans and sympathetic americans who
provided millions to bostonians, and those visiting who were injured in the attack. keep in mind that he has not formally used it for this sort of thing, are not necessarily based on evenybody but on how mu were impacted. the poor fell blow legs-his entire house has to be reconfigured. that is going to cost dough. he would get more than someone with lacerations. that's part of the decisionmaking process. ken will be joining me to explain that process. he has been scrutinized and praised by both republicans and democrats hour how fair-handed he tries to be. but the fund is set up and running. he is talk can about disbursing funds immediately to those who need it. this just in your flight might be waiting at the gate but you will never guess what is cleared
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we're just getting word now the sec is going to look into what happened earlier today in the market. you see that circle up top. a little after 1:00 p.m., what had been a triple digit advance in the dow turn into a triple digit tumble on a later proven false tweet on ap that the president had been injured in a terror attack in the white house. i want to stress the tweet was wrong. the report was wrong, ap said it had nothing to do with it. i is incorrect. the tweet was eropous. nevertheless within seconds of the tweet we had a tumble. the market later rebounded on
promising economic news but the blown was it hit the bottom line, and in case you always think there's no connection between any of this terror stuff and wall street, and that we're not all still on pins and needles, proves we're going to have a lot more on fox business on this today and what exactly happened. someone made money off this. that's what is even more insulting. >> don't bother putting your feet in an update position, unless you're willing to pay up. the reason they're giving for all of this is sequestration. >> what we talked about two month ago, the obama administration seems to be trying to inflict the most pain on the economy to force republicans to cave in and negotiate a tax increase. so instead you have furloughs of hundreds of air traffic controllers across the country,
and you've got major headache for travelers because you have delays at major airports, and miami and dallas and los angeles, two, three hours, and people are missing connects. so, it's become quite a crisis with respect to travel. neil: now, obviously some republicans are getting concerned bus a couple of them ordered like a 30-day freeze on firing or layoffs. but it really isn't the republican's fault? >> look, first of all, tim carney put out a statement saying this is all because the republicans won't negotiate on the sequester. remember, this is $50 billion out of that $3.8 trillion budget. so the -- >> neil: they all agreed to it. >> they all agreed. >> neil: democrats and republicans, the president the prerogative to cut. one of the points the president rejected that and let this cut goes, but agency heads have wide discretion of their own.
>> they do. >> neil: why these cuts? >> that's a question americans are asking as they sit in lines at the airport. >> neil: when they're an line, do you blame the president or the republicans are say it's washington? >> so far i think the president lost the sequester fight. people are saying why are you cutting the most vital things. when he cut the white house tours, people said that is crazy. this something that affects every american traveler every day and is causing major headaches and one of the things the republicans and some democratic senators said, this isn't just a matter of inconvenience, neil. this is an issue of safety. of the air traffic control system. >> neil: all i know is the faa is overall budget is higher than a year ago. >> that's right. >> neil: so there's been no huge personnel overall hit and a huge agency you can cut a lot of.
>> in our editorial today, we pointed out they just expended $500 million for a program of sustainable cities. don't know what that money is being used for but i bet the american people are saying, don't cut the air traffic controllers, cut that program. there's a lot of flexibility the administration can be use. i think it's a political ploy, and you asked the question, who is going to win? i don't think the american people are going to be too happy with the president because he is furloughing. >> neil: such a pleasurable experience going to the airport. steve moore, thank you very much. one senator is offering the president a way around the furloughs. >> name one suspected terrorist, three public defenders, lots of angry taxpayers. @
>> neil: might not be an enemy combatant about dzhokar tsarnaev will be armed to the teeth. not one, not two, but three public defenders defending them, and the criticism of the president, and it's costing us a bundle. >> dzhokar tsarnaev reminds behind me at this hospital in boston. his condition has improved. he is getting better, i guess you would say. he went from stable -- serious but stable conditions. now in fair condition, and from the court hearing held at his bedside yesterday with a federal magistrate. we're getting more insight into how he is doing. during the session yesterday, the magistrate asked him if he could afford a lawyer and the
only time he said anything, it was one word, and it was, no, he couldn't afford a lure. she said he was aware of the nature of the proceedings ask will be defended by the federal program dealing in federal courts for those who are charged. he will have three public defenders and the trial could still be years ago. those three defenders make upwards of, al told, $160,000 a year. and on this gloomy and cold spring day here in boston, a day fitting what we also saw today, and that was a funeral of two of the victims. for the eight-year-old richard martin was laid to rest. the little boy standing just feet in front ofment dzhokar in the photograph by the finish line, waiting to congratulate his father. 500 people attended the funeral. many were crying, children, parents, offering their love anr
who was killed, sean collier was laid to rest. >> i see no reason why our constitution is not strong enough to convict this young man, with a jury trial, bill of rights. we do it to horrible people all the time, rapists and murders and gate lawyers and juries. i think we do a good job of justice so i human being we can tight through our court system. >> neil: senator rand paul last night. is he right? our leaguele -- legal eagles. what he is saying is, lock, i can understand the argument to want to make this suspect an enemy combatant but will actually get quicker, swifter, better justice using our existing court system. he is a u.s. citizen, for one, and it will yield quicker
results. what do you make of that? >> i agree with that, neil. i was at minnesotaly opposed to bringing those guys from gitmo into the southern district of new york forever but in this instance i think this guy should be tried, provided with his rights under the constitution, and convicted and executed for what he did. look, our bill of rights and our constitution is the founding of -- the premises pop what our nation was founded and if we throw those out, -- adversity doesn't build character. it reveals, which. we can do this and convict this guy and he can pay the ultimate price for what he did, which is exactly what he tee serves. >> neil: recommending giant na? >> i disagree. at this point we're in a war out. troops are going over there to guy so this guy can sit around his apartment, with his apartment, and plan to kill americans. for his -- we're fighting for his freedom to do that. he does not like america. he is a jihaddist.
we're his enemy. the constitution is a living document. we cannot allow somebody to do that and we cannot allow other young people to look at this and say, you know what? who cares. we go to jail. big deal. >> you cannot let this guy strip americans, which is what you're doing. he is an american -- >> pay for his trial after they kill us? >> regina, aren't we pga for them in gitmo? >> pay for them in gitmo and it we be a -- >> neil: one at a time. one at a time. regina -- you argue it's less expensive going to gitmo than it would be going through our court system. >> not just that. not just expensive. we need to set an example. we need to show that people, americans who decide they want to do this, cannot live in america. you forfeit that right.
you want to attack us as an enemy? you should not be able to be here. >> neil: got ya. fred? >> if you're an enemy 0 combatant i agree with you, i'd nuke him with a drone but this guy was an american citizen, naturalized american citizen, on american soil, and he killed americans and i'm sorry, if our bill of rights and our rights as citizens -- it is a living document but i'm not going to let you and a lot of other people strip the rights from us because you don't like what this guy did. we defend a lot of people. murderers, serial killers but this guy is attacking america and we're in a war you. need to look at that. we need to say do we need -- for this guy to sit around with his brother while the troops are dying. that's really great. and -- >> neil: fred, regina, thank you both. the bottom line is he will go through our justice system. >> correct. >> neil: and we'll see what happens. thank you. >> meanwhile if you downtown
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apple. we don't go through these company earnings and this is earning season but this is one we watch closely. apple out with numbers that -- well, they're kind of middle ground. you have revenues, overall sales that were a little less than expected. slightly less. still around $10 billion worth. but you have earnings that were a little less -- i should say 43 dental, earnings that -- $43 billion and earnings -- bottom line the company is announcing a $50 billion share buyback. and it is going to significantly add to the buying of shares joust standing. the idea is to go ahead and buy back shares to presumably lift the stock price. right now it is not doing much for the stock price because in afterhours trading, barely budging, down around $403 a
share. to give you a sense of the strength of the company overall says, it sold 37 million iphones verse 35 million a year ago. 19-1/2 million ipads versus 11 million a yearing a. the same up in as imacs a year ago, four million, roughly the sam number of ipods. didn't anyone blitzkrieg you with the numbers but palestine for -- but bottom line for apple, not a bad quarter, but it used to just way overwow, and that might weigh on traders that hear already severely punished the stock which was trading north of 700 tuesday a year in -- $700 a year in september. to peter and scott martin at the chicago mercantile exchange.
>> what too you make, peter, of the headlines off this? >> the headline figures are more or less right in line with consensus estimates, so nothing negative to say there in terms of revenue. nothing neverty to say in terms of earnings, and really, the takeaway from this is that apple managed to really guide expectations very, very efficiently so it is much in line. so this downtrade, this really sharp selloff in the stocks, since september you mentioned, where it was hitting north of 700, now to $387, it's baked into the cake. the real story here is the buyback. that's something that been been looking for a long time. activists mentioned it. instant vestors look for it. a stock buyback is a way -- >> neil: doesn't always work. the idea behind company buying
so much of its stock back is that it obviously takes a number of shares off the market. >> exactly. the number of shares -- >> neil: do you think that helps, scott, or not? >> i don't know. short-term, probably, but does it fix the long-term issue which is that apple is not the cool kids' phone anymore. at it the samsung, the detroit, even the blackberry that is back. so until they fix that problem, a buyback, dividend like last year, great for the short-term, put the long-term issues remain. >> neil: until that hints of the dick tracy wristwatch or the cool stuff that everybody looked forward to from steve jobs. is that still the problem, they've run out of all his goodies he had backlogged. >> the big knock on apple right now in terms of how the street looks at the company, there's been a lack of innovation under
tim cook's leadership. that may or may not be fair because we don't know what is coming down the pike. investors have gotten accustomed to innovation after innovation, but most of the recent innovations over the last 12 months have one really not re-inventions of technology but tweaks to technology. on the part of the phone segment, you have microsoft phone getting market share, blackberry, samsung is crushing it. there's a lot of competition in that space. so, the company that comes out with the new innovation is going to be the cool kid on the block, and i'm not so sure it's going to be apple. there are other companies out there talking about that wrist phone you were talking about. microsoft being talk abouts as being a leader in that technology. other companies, samsung. so there's a lot of competition. a lot of -- this is a dirt match. >> neil: would you buy this stock at these levels?
>> i probably would, and the reason being the two main product lines, the ipad and the iphone, don't give discounts to anybody, meaning the margin are big enough that can produce big profits. >> neil: the stock is down in afterhours trading. that doesn't necessarily mean anything. just a few nerds going back and forth on a computer and assessing whether at it good or bad. for the moment they assume, well, not as good as they thought it would be. bottom line, apple is making a ton of money, not as much as they thought. meanwhile, the gang of two blew up a gang of eight. the immigration reform, thanks to these guys-it ain't happening anytime soon. we have marco rubio on the fallout tomorrow. the guy who has the florida senator's ear next. t rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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making sure the border is secure. something ronald reagan, even in retrospect admitted he failed to do when he had a similar deal. e secure. even beyond that we need to rethin immigration. not to stop it by any means. weed in fresh talent. but talent is the key word, and right now, neil, as you know very well, if you're a brilliant danish software engineer, breakthrough biomedical researcher your chances of getting a green card from the united states are just about zero. here you have papa tsarnaev, who has no marketable skills comes from a hostile america-hating done there and then he just says he faces persecution and he gets a grown card, government handouts, et cetera. how does that make sense. we have the right as a nation to
pick who comes here, and i'm all for indian software engineers, european physicists. only not for more saudi or pakistanis mull las practicing hate speech. that's not antiislamic. it's a question of education, motivation, and, with the way, when we renew immigrant from any source, no government benefits for ten years. that will sort them out. >> you know, one of the issues you're raising here is not even brought up in some of these immigration plans that have beenbandied about on the hill. they have been focused on the border and how to pave the way for those who are already here illegally to move in the direction of staying here legal limit now you're opening up what they might call another can of worms by re-assessing who gets here, period, whether directly through our pourous border or not.
i'm just saying, does that raise the possibility now that immigration reform, at least as it was being envisioned on the hill, is dead? >> well, to me, the proposals on the hill weren't immigration reform. immigration reform means you pick and choose and control. the negotiations on the hill-about what terms to allow 11 million or more illegal immigrants in our country. now, we're not going march them book. i'm for legal residency for those people who are here with a good heart, got kids. but when somebody breaks into my house, i'm not obliged to put them on the deed, and for the democrats this is purely about votes. if they cared about human rights and decency, they would compromise and say residency, but you'll never vote. your kid can vote. and then we go back to the issue of the day, the tsarnaevs. what were they doing here? how did that it get here when we
won't take the indian software worker and we'll take a cheney. i've dealt with cheneys cheneys- chef and they're one of most unsavory in the world and why are we bringing them to this country? the state department is committed to diversity. >> neil: the argument has always been you're seeking asylum from governments that are hostile, that is -- our focus was cuba but you can overdo it. >> very quickly. we allow this guy that convinces, with no evidence, he is going to be per cute it. kept his russian passport and citizenship and went back to russia.
>> remember we got the statement earlier from -- the wife who is cooperating, she says with authorities right now any way she can and she was surprised as anyone who brother could have led these attacks. now we're getting statements on behalf of the sisters of the alleged attackers, and i quote here from their lawyers, our heart goes out to the victims of last week's bombing. it saddens us to see so many people hurt. as a family we're def constituted by the loss and sorrow. don't have any answers but look forward to a thorough investigation and ask the speed ya to respect our privacy during this difficult time. you might recall the father, speaking abroad from russia, had said that he didn't believe this, and that if any harm
befell his son, suspect right now in a hospital in boston, you americans will pay. the sisters obviously have a different point of view. >> we told you a little earlier that he -- now senator marco rubio is gaining key support on immigration. i'm talking about antitax activist grover nordquist. trying to help the senator with an immigration reform package that i'm sure you heard the retired colonel say this didn't meet muster with him, especially in light of the boston attacks. what too you say? >> the good news is that as the colonel had the chance to read the legislation, all the things he talked about that he wants are actually in the bill. and the things he thinks they -- the pill is 800 pages. also, nothing was going to pass next week. we're weeks away from hearings. a couple months away from the vote in the senate.
this legislation is on track. i'm very happy because the senators put it forward, put it online. it's been online for a week now. going to be online for more weeks before the senate judiciary commit -- committee marks it up and the questions the colonel raised are exactly what it does. the more you've see it, the more you like it. the opposite of obamacare. if you're worried about border secure, worried about economic growth and how bringing in more talented people, more skilled people and having a guest worker program, the best border security you have, you know the story, that we used to arrest 800,000 people at the boredder in the 40s and 50s. then we had a guest worker program it dropped to less than 50,000 because there was a way for people who came in to work to do so. >> neil: you had the chance to read it. i take it by that you've then
found yourself satisfied with the enforcement provision on our borders to make sure they follow up with that because that's where ronald reagan got hood winked in 1986 and later admitted it. so what makes you so convinced they're going to do that? >> well, two things. the big failure with the '86 package there was no guest worker provisions, and so people just kept coming across the border illegally. of course it was going to fail. this has a more robust guest worker program. not as much as i'd like. this is not a perfect bill. but in all the things you want. border security, guest worker program, high-skilled talent, bringing more people in for economic reasons rather than other reasons. all of those rather than family reunfix indication -- >> neil: all the big stuff you like are in there. >> moving in the right direction, yes.
>> neil: let's move a couple other directions. one is that regardless of what you say and the substance that is still in this, a lot of people say the atmosphere has changed post-boston, post the threat from canada. the environment has changed and whatever good this bill has, it's going to take a back seat right now. what do you say? >> well, look, whenever there's a crime, you saw this on the shootings, the murders in connecticut. people wanted gun control before the shootings, tried to exploit that tragedy. the people who are against high-skilled workers coming into this country, all the antiimmigrant groups, are against all immigrants, not just some, and they're already trying to exploit these murders in boston to attack immigration of everybody. i don't think it will work. the american people are smarter than that. yes, the fbi should good of bad guys, evidently they let some slip through their fingers, in the case of boston.
but everything in this bill moves in the right direction for security and the american economy, and all the kind of questions you ought to have. shame on the people who tried to use the murders in boston to undermine immigration reform. i don't think they'll be able to do it. >> neil: all right. thank you very much. good seeing you again, grover norquist. in the wake of the terror attacks on the u.s., ron paul is saying be careful about opening up the government spigots to spend on security. it's not as if we don't have enough money going to security. he says it's probably a better case of not going to the right place. ron rand paul, my special guest tonight. see you then. . [ male announcer ] extreme power. ultimate savings.
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